Hull v Nottingham

Vipers started well and soaked up an early attack with Mickey stick checking and good work from the D. Paige had a breakaway but was dispossessed as the play swung from end to end. Nottingham had the first shot on goal with Cookie’s shot being covered by the Kingston keeper. Kingston quickly broke away but their effort was cleared by Michelle. Play continued back and forth with Debbie covering the puck twice and Wilko and Michelle working well together on the attack but being denied by the post. Paige came back to help in D, the puck up in the air forcing Debbie to catch high. With a Kingston 2 on 1 breakaway Mickey cleared the puck from in front of net. Debbie had a sprawling save during a bit of a kerfuffle in front with Katie clearing and Debbie scrambling another save. Kingston took the first penalty with Holly Cornford called for a bodycheck.

At the start of the second Nottingham took advantage of the extra skater with Katie converting. Nottingham were buoyed up by the go ahead and very quickly Paige scored a great goal, assisted Julia. Nottingham kept the pressure up with a long range effort from Cookie which was caught by the keeper. Play continued back and forth with Paige having a good effort and then Debbie being forced into action twice in quick succession. Almost half way through the period Kingston’s no.2 scored a well worked goal which went high over Debbie’s blocker. Kingston took a penalty for tripping Lucy, closely followed by Paige being called for slashing. 4 on 4. Nottingham pressured hard with Cookie being denied by the post. Then with Wilko in the bin for hooking Hull equalised following a mix up on the Nottingham goal line. Kingston 3, Nottingham 2 at the end of the second.

Nottingham started on the attack again but had to soak up a sustained period of pressure from Hull before Debbie had to pull out 2 good saves. Paige had a (high) shot then Julia had a shot. Hull then went on the attack firing high with the puck being covered. There was a lot of oohing and aahing from the Nottingham supporters as Nottingham could not get another as the puck went back and forth. Debbie was called into action again before Nottingham took control and equalised, scored Lucy, assisted Paige and Julia. Debbie caught the puck which was bobbling around keeping the Vipers hopes alive. Lucy took the puck full ice as Nottingham continued to press for a winning goal. Sadly this was not to be and with Paige in the box for interference, Hull scored a belter with 2 seconds left on the clock. Final score Hull 4, Nottingham 3.

Man of the Match : Debbie