Nottingham V Sheffield

With only a week having passed since Nottingham visited Sheffield it was time for the rematch. Nottingham played some of the best hockey I had seen them play over the last few years, but after a short poor spell in the third, Sheffield were again the victors.

The first period saw only one goal for Sheffield with Nottingham containing the opposition and in the second Nottingham dominated with a goal from Captain Coughill. Both sides started to get penalties as neither team could break the deadlock, becoming frustrated and starting to pick up penalties.

In the third Sheffield ranked up the pressure and during a 10 minute spell where Nottingham lost confidence and concentration, Sheffield were rewarded with 6 goals coming at 33.15, 33.44 38.31, 39.06, 40.48 and 44.01. Nottingham were only able to muster one more at 42.07 and the game finished as the last with Sheffield the victors.

Vipers had every right to be proud of their effort and first two periods play. They doubled their own score and reduced the goals against them compared to the first encounter.

Spirit of the Game – Lucy (Ebinger) Maxwell