Day Release: 14/10/12

Wow, what a day. On Sunday 14th October; 20 kit bags, 2 bursting stick bags, 30 volunteers and 2 hours ice time and what have you got? You’ve got IIHF World Girls Hockey Weekend.

In a country where women’s hockey is not a mainstream sport we have had an amazing 64 girls and women on the ice this weekend, and what’s better is that we’ve have 64 smiles on the ice too, and maybe a fair few bruises.

Joined by GB players and coaches past and present, and coaching staff and players from the Nottingham Junior and  Nottingham Vipers, with 64 new players on the ice you can imagine the scene! It was absolutely fabulous to see the potential talent out there and all the girls have left their contact details for further follow up. Nottingham Vipers, we don’t think you’ll have a problem with player recruitment for a while!

Ryan Rathbone, the English Ice Hockey Association World Girls Hockey Day Roadshow Organiser said “It was amazing to see so many girls on the ice, trying something new and wanting to come back for more and we look forward to following up with everyone and helping them get into the sport”

Geoff Hemmerman, English Ice Hockey Association Board member and head of the EIHA Women’s section commented at the end of the day, “It was great to see so many young girls taking to the ice and entering into the spirit of the day and trying all the different skills and techniques in the strange world of helmets and gloves”