Coventry v Nottingham Vipers

SLU – Tally in goal, Katie, Paige,  Cookie, Lucy and Laura

The period got under way with end to end play from the start, Tally being called into action with less than two minutes gone.  Cookie then had a good shot on the Coventry goalie but sadly no one was able to get to the rebound.  Lucy Ebinger had a really lonnnnnnnnnng shift but eventually managed to get a change!  Nottingham pressed hard with Paige having a good effort on goal and then came our comedy moment when Nat and Cookie collided mid ice and went down like a pair of skittles! Luckily, possession was retained.

Katie was called for tripping and Coventry weren’t called for too many players!  Cookie got a shot away, pad save and play continued end to end.  Claire worked hard in D where she had again been asked to take on the role due to players’ unavailability.  Katie was called again for holding whilst play continued back and forth with Wilko and Paige both having good efforts on goal.  There was then a bit of faffing about in front of net but Tally was on hand to cover the puck, this was followed by a bit of a kerfuffle (see the chicken) in front but the period ended even with no score.

The second started with Nottingham having the majority of the possession, Wilko taking a great try on a bouncing puck.  Nottingham won the face off with Cookie having a great shot, then another, both saved by the Coventry keeper.  Coventry then went on the offensive forcing Tally to save immediately followed by Paige having a good long range effort denied by the keeper.  Change in net for Nottingham at 7.53 with Debbie being given only 35 seconds before being called into action.  Nottingham again pressured the Coventry D with Nat and Katie working hard in front.  Play sent back down the other end with Debbie saving the shot but with an unlucky bounce off a Nottingham defenders stick and against the odds Coventry were in front – a real sickener!

Nottingham carried on as they had previously with Wilko showing gritty determination not to lose possession.  Coventry were called for hooking and Cookie took the opportunity to take a long range shot.  With Coventry down 3 skaters for 9 seconds Nottingham piled on the pressure but were kept at bay by the Coventry keeper.  The period ended Coventry 1, Vipers 0.

For a short while in the third the DJ provided us with some better tunes but this was short-lived.  As in the previous two, the period started out with end to end play, Nottingham putting in the effort as both teams began to tire.  Katie had a good effort, Lucy took a tumble , and Katie had another good effort.  In D, Laura Q was working hard with a cover up by Debbie.  Paige had a good effort (great face offs today Paige!)  Coventry had a good opportunity but were denied and then drew a penalty at 42.12 for tripping.

Final Score: Coventry 1 Vipers 0
Player of the game for Nottingham: Katie Ferguson