Blackburn v Nottingham

The only thing to disappoint about this game was the final score.  Nottingham was working with new players and with players covering new positions, Nottingham had the majority of the attack and possession all game long with Blackburn taking their breakaway chances and their netminder keeping Nottingham out of the net.

From the off, Nottingham pushed Blackburn with Katie working well down the boards and Paige having the first shot of the game.  With Blackburn conceding an early penalty, Vipers pressured in front of net but without success and at 7.06 Blackburn capitalised on their breakaway chance.  Vipers still kept working hard with Paige and Cookie getting back to help the D.  Debbie was called upon to keep the Vipers out of trouble with players crowding round the net before play moved back in their end with the Nottingham girls pushing for a goal.  An unlucky breakaway with 10 seconds to go resulted in Blackburn’s second.  End of the first Blackburn 2, Vipers 0.

The second started as the first, with Nottingham piling the pressure on the Blackburn net.  Becca shot from the face off after skating down the left wing, caught by the keeper.  Katie’s shot was then scrambled away for Paige to have a go.  Blackburn had a bit of luck when at 21.59 they scored their third, quickly followed by their fourth at 22.11, again a bit of good luck for them in front of net.  Debbie did well under a short period of pressure stick saving and the Nottingham forwards coming back again to help out the D.  Play continued back and forth with Paige taking a second penalty (and a broken nail) and Nottingham changing netminder at 9.05.  Blackburn converted two further shots before Julia opened the account for Nottingham at 35.59, assisted Cookie.

Nottingham started the third still determined and positive but short-handed.  After a dodgy icing call Nottingham were again rewarded for their efforts with Paige scoring, assisted Katie and Becca.  Clare worked hard in D behind the net and sent the puck up the ice to Cookie who was denied by the glove.  Blackburn scored again but Vipers were again rewarded and came right back with an answer provided by Paige – a good solo effort.  With players in the bin for both sides (Laura for Tripping) Blackburn scored their final goal to end the game victorious at 9 : 3, Laura receiving a well-deserved player of the game trophy.

As stated at the beginning, the only thing to disappoint about this game was the final score.  Effort, energy and commitment were in abundance and the coaches were pleased with the positivity of the players and their team spirit.  A good performance which can be built on and strengthened during the season.